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Regular Cleaning for Your Workplace

Employees work best in a clean environment. With a sanitary work area, your employees stay healthy, call out sick less often, and enjoy a boost in overall productivity. Fairway Janitorial Services, based in Arlington, Texas, values the health of your employees and your company's performance. That is why we provide the best commercial cleaning and medical sanitation services available. 

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Commercial Contract Cleaning

Impress potential clients with a clean facility. We sanitize medical centers and businesses of all types, as well as churches, in order to keep them germ-free and looking good. For clients like these, a contract cleaning service is highly recommended. With our help, you can enjoy regular cleaning without having to schedule each time. We offer the following:

Emptying Trash | Vacuuming | Dusting | Floor Refinishing | Carpet Shampooing | Mopping Disinfecting Bathrooms | Restocking Paper Products

Property Preservation

Our property preservation services help you maintain your facility in between renters. Whether your construction company has a newly finished building or you're a REALTOR® with a foreclosed property, we do everything needed to ensure the area is returned to its original state. Our team typically completes each job within a day, depending on the size of the location. Services include:

Changing Locks | Boarding up Windows | Winterizing | Cleaning | Removing Debris

Post-Construction Cleanup

Although you've finished constructing a new building, the job isn't over. There is still a great deal of dust and debris to clean up before you can open for business. Fairway Janitorial Services can take of the mess for you. We will clean up all of the dust, including mopping the floors, so you can open up on time, and not have to worry about running behind schedule. 

Starting Service

Upon hiring us, you'll receive a free estimate, which includes a tour of your property to determine what areas need to be cleaned and how often. You can have your facility cleaned everyday, once a week, or seven days a week. With a contract, you are never up-charged, and the monthly bill shows exactly what you are paying for.